5 Clever Ways to Distribute your Business Cards

Today more than ever, your business card is an important way to generate leads and to keep your business in the minds of potential customers and clients. They are so many creative ways for you to stand out and make an impression with the design of your cards, but that’s for another blog post! Once you have your stunning design it is now all about execution. How can you generate new interest and potential leads? Here are 5 clever ways to distribute your business cards for a great return on investment!

Include a business card in anything you send to customers

Whether this is included in the packing of your product or a letter, this keeps your brand noticed. Your business card will have all of your information on it, so you want to encourage people to take action and pick up the phone or email you. Additionally, people value a great business card, and if they like the design, they are likely to keep hold of it.

When networking, always have business cards ready

With business cards, you want the customer, friend or potential client to really acknowledge the information on the card. You can encourage this by not giving people your number or email address on their own, but by saying ‘contact me’ and handing over the card. If you know that they will be in contact with you, you know they will have read over your card which can lead to other opportunities such as referrals.

Give several business cards to those who can successfully refer you

It’s not what you know, but who you know. If you have had success from word of mouth and have won business in the past from a mutual friend, make sure they have more of your business cards to pass on! It is a far better strategy to provide cards to those who have a good chance at winning your business, than giving your business card to anyone and everyone. If you are distributing your business cards to the exact same places and people that your competitors are, then your chances of successfully generating leads are reduced. This is not because your product or service is worse, or even because your design is worse, it is simply because it encourages an element of luck of whose card has the most attention paid to it. Your design can definitely help for your card to be selected, but why not take the guessing game away altogether? Get creative!

Hand your card over personally to important people

One of the reasons why business cards are still so popular is because they have a human element. Handing over your business card in person is a lot more personal to people than receiving an email directed to them. It will also have more of an impact, as the business card will be embedded in memory with the discussion you had with the prospective client, when it was and where.

Think traditional

Businesses will know the backend of email marketing distribution and with sending emails you always run the risk of your messages being lost in the inbox heap. A solution to this problem is to spend time on more traditional methods, like spending the time to write a letter. A letter can show that you have taken the time and really want to go into business with somebody. Attach your business card in the letter with a call to action, such as ‘Please get in contact to discuss this further. My details are provided on my business card’. This attaches value to your business card as it will now serve a purpose to the individual.

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