Flyer Printing – Old School Marketing and Impactful

Over the last decade, marketing and printing methods have changed dramatically – From what used to be phone calls and posters, it’s all done now more or less over the internet and social media. However, instead of just joining the trend and creating your own online marketing strategy, get back to basics with this impactful and ‘old school’, tried and tested method. Flyer printing can be very effective! Want to know how? Here are 5 ways flyer printing can contribute and benefit your company.

1) Usually less expensive

Because most flyers are a single, double-sided piece of paper/card, they can cost pennies for each; and compared to the internet these days, whether that is boosting a post on Facebook or owning a Youtube channel, they can end up more expensive with no guarantee that the advertisement will actually reach your target audience. These flyers can be distributed face-to-face with the choice to target the right group of people geographically, so your company is ensured that your audience is genuinely being reached to using your fliers. I have mentioned ‘usually’ in the subheading because it all depends on how the Flyers are made (which we will talk about later on).

2) More emotional

It has been proven, by multiple scenarios, that people would rather touch and feel, rather than read on a computer screen. This is because actually holding the advertisement physically gives off more emotion and allows the reader to feel more connected to the brand. Also, with flyer printing meaning it is handed to you by a person, it can come across a lot more reliable than coming from technology, as it is being given to you by another human being so the communication will come off as more realistic and persuading.

3) Easy to read and produce

It can be as simple as designing, printing, copying and repeat. However you decide to generate these products, flyers should be fun and easy to read – rather than just blocks of text, add some colour and text with different sizes and fonts (but don’t get too carried away, remember the purpose of the flier). Flyer printing allows you to explain how your products and services can benefit your clients and can easily be edited, so consider the design and how it can affect the customer’s concentration.

4) Gives you accurate feedback

With all of the information provided on the flyer, you don’t have to bore the customers when distributing them. Instead, you will have the capability to hand them the product, then see their immediate reactions, face-to-face, which allows a company to analyse their strengths and weaknesses physically rather than from a computer screen. Furthermore, reading your reviews on Google is a lot less motivating than seeing the look of your target audience’s faces, it gives you the determination to improve.

Thank you for reading.

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