Collateral that doesn't cost the earth

The buying choices and decisions we make all potentially have an impact on the environment and, increasingly, these choices are being called into question.

Concern about the planet and destruction of the rainforests has given rise to scaremongering and misinformation and “greenwashing”, where suppliers of all kinds make claims about the environmental integrity of their products, hasn’t helped.

Paper and print has been placed under the spotlight but the industry is fighting back. From the paper mills to the press manufacturers, all of the major operators are committed to ensuring that the processes and materials being used are as green and clean as they can possibly be and, at the same time, the quality of the customer’s product and experience isn’t compromised.

We believe that print has a great environmental story to tell and we’re committed to doing our bit. Our suppliers include those with PEFC and FSC accreditation and which use modern low energy presses, vegetable-based inks and chemical free platemaking. We can source the best recycled (and recyclable) materials and recommend the greenest processes for a job.

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