Top 10 Essentials You Should Be Including In Your Leaflet Printing

All leaflets should have a purpose, otherwise, why would you be making them? After all, leaflets can be very powerful marketing tools if done correctly. Regardless if it’s promoting a new product, an event or genuinely for advertising your company, designing them can be fun! But the whole process is completely pointless if you don’t include these top 10 essentials.

Leaflet Printing Huntingdon

Leaflet Printing Huntingdon

1) Include Signature Colours

If you do your research and review a few leaflets created by big brands, you will notice that 99% of the time, you can easily identify the brand by just looking at the products. Therefore, you should too – brand your items using your signature colours from your logo, website, app etc. to give your products your company’s visual personality and your target audience your perception on the leaflet’s purpose.

2) ALWAYS Get Your Point Across

Clear, detailed communication is key, but whether it’s on your front cover, back cover or inside the leaflet, be sure to implicitly AND explicitly put your message across. It’s all in the power of persuasion (which we will talk about soon) – include imperative and informative language, and don’t hint. Explain the leaflet’s intentions, and then your ready to make some sales.

In addition to this, something to think about is what message you are wanting to put across. If you are really looking to stand out from your competitors, think different. As a business owner, you probably have heard that phrase about a million times! However, in this case… it’s very true. Stand out.

3) Consider Your Target Audience

Like I said at the beginning; every leaflet has a purpose, and with every purpose, there is an audience being targeted in order to accomplish it. Every organisation has some sort of target audience, and it is completely pivotal that you, whether you are a business owner, manager, marketer or even a receptionist, understand who it is your team is trying to reach and earn work from – including their age range, gender, location or any other personal data.

Once you have identified your audience, you need to ensure that your advertising strategies suit your audience’s personality. In terms of a leaflet, you need to confirm that you have chosen included the right vocabulary, maturity, amount of imagery etc. For example, if you were creating a leaflet for kids, you wouldn’t include sophisticated words and dull colours, right? Exactly. So create something not only brand-focused but targeting.

4) Involve Relevant, Eye-Catching Imagery

An essential that is overlooked quite a lot is visualisation. These are overlooked not because they aren’t used, but because in fact, they are. Furthermore, over the last decade visuals are becoming much more preferable and necessary anywhere – whether that is online or on a leaflet. Not only this but including imagery in your products create space between the text and keeps the entertainment flowing for the audience, so they don’t get bored.

5) Persuasion is Key

So the title and imagery have been covered, and you have caught your audience’s attention! They’ve opened up the leaflet, but will the content disappoint?

Despite your leaflet should be colourful and brand-focused, your content is the sales-closer. Moreover, this is where you begin to explain the purpose of this leaflet, the products and services you offer, and how it can benefit the reader, but you can only do this if you include the right language. Including imperatively persuasive language, all whilst being informative and entertaining, will hopefully get your message across and encourage conversions. This is where the C2A comes in…

6) Where is Your Call To Action?

Every piece of persuasive content MUST have a call to action. This is an instruction to your audience after you have advised them on what you offer and how it can benefit them, designed to provoke an immediate response i.e. subscribing to your newsletter, making a purchase et cetera. Remember people are lazy, and it’s guaranteed that the majority of them wouldn’t search for your number, email or your pages on social media etc. so providing them with one gives you more of a chance to gain customers.

Leaflet Printing Huntingdon

Leaflet Printing Huntingdon

7) Spicy Subtitles

Usually, subtitles in leaflets help categorize the content into useful topics (rather than a page full of words), so they need to be big and relevant. This builds the audience’s desire to discover more about not only the leaflet but the company too. Subtitles are always overlooked, but they are much more essential than you think. Think creatively, give it some thought and come up with some unique subtitle ideas!

8) Showcase Your Availability

If you are aiming to earn more business with your leaflet, it is a necessity to offer your professional services somewhere in your product. If done correctly, leaflets are successful at creating emotional relationships with the customer, as they are real. Furthermore, it is incredibly overlooked that when a customer feels something, they have control over whether they will read it, keep it and where they will leave it for safe keeping. With online advertising, you don’t always get this effect.

9) Focus On Benefits

Despite your persuasive techniques may bring in a lot of customers, not a lot of the public always trust the words of a company, but rely on things like testimonials, family feedback and recommendations etc. Therefore, rather than JUST adding in important things like call-to-actions, talk about how your products and services will benefit the reader, in a way how it is a potential necessity in their lives etc. Talk positively about your brand, about how becoming a customer can impact them for the better and so much more – even add those customer feedback quotes or FAQs for more reliability.

10) Grammar Check

Last, and certainly not least, is grammar check. There is nothing more unattractive or humiliating than spelling and grammar errors in a business’ work, especially if potential clients and the public are going to read it. It affects branding dramatically, so be completely sure that your work is accurate before printing and sharing it with your target market.

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