5 Ways 3D Printing Will Transform The Way We Live & Work

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is the process of making three-dimensional objects from a digital file. These printers enable you to produce functional shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing systems. How does it work you ask? 3D printers gradually deposit successive layers of material until a full product is formed. The model is initially designed on a computer and then a controlled piece of machinery dispenses liquid materials (such as metal or plastic) to achieve accurate results.

It’s interesting to imagine the possibilities for humankind in the next few decades, as printing has become one of the fastest-growing technologies to be used to transform companies and even lives. In fact, it’s still emerging into all kinds of industries such as agriculture and even the medicinal field. Here are 5 ways 3D printing has and will transform the way we live and work:

1) Office Supplies

Whether you own a business, or just work in an office, you can deck out your entire workplace to suit your needs or maybe even the company. 3D printers can handle generating things from stationary to furniture, so if you need a stapler or even an office desk, then 3D printing can provide without all of the financial and browsing hassles. Another way 3D printing can help you as a business owner is if you would like to produce unique merchandise for your companies environment, just to add professionalism.

This doesn’t just refer to office supplies, the 3D printing possibilities enable you to print products for schools, shops or even your home. The printing industry is expanding to all aspects of the business world, so why not join in?

2) Buildings

The combination of the printing and housing industries allows 3D printed buildings to become a reality. These structures will be built using large-scale 3D printers, meaning there will be virtually no limit to how scaffolding and walls are shaped using traditional construction materials. All of these possibilities have added bonuses, not only is the process much faster and cost-effective, but the strength of the structure can be increased by adding denser materials so it becomes much a more reliable property.

3d printing

3) Medical

3D Printing will also contribute to the medicinal field by producing implants and prosthetic. This will really participate in improving the quality of life for a large number of people. Before 3D printing, it was difficult to find implants and prosthetic parts that were cost-effective and fit properly. But now, everything from body parts to hearing aids can be produced at a relative cost. This will make discoveries in the industry happen at a faster rate.

4) Cleaner Factories

When manufacturing products traditionally, there are many materials wasted and overused in the working environment, which can dramatically affect the environment. However, with 3D printers installed it means quite the opposite; less waste will be produced and fewer workers will also be needed to operate the machinery. For instance, car companies take so much time and effort to create one car for one customer, so using 3D printing will speed up the process meaning more sales and again, less wasted materials. This will be an incredible sight to see and will hopefully encourage more well-known companies that have complex agendas to invest and improve their sale rate also.

5) Dentistry

3D printing has the ability to make dentist appointments more quick and reliable. This is because they can produce accurate teeth, veneers and crowns by printing an image of the issue using a digital camera 3D image. All of this can be done in one appointment, making it swift and allowing more patients to be seen each day.

3d printing

Overall, there are many different ways 3D printing has and will continue to transform companies and lives worldwide, these were only a few. Thanks for reading.





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