5 Great Techniques for Effective Leaflet Advertising

Leaflet advertising remains an important part of the marketing mix for businesses of all sizes. Leaflets are the perfect example of a tried and tested method for advertising your products and services, they are cost-effective and can provide a strong return on investment. Leaflets typically have more pages or elements in comparison to a flyer, which means they can hold more information and are more likely to be kept. If designed well, a leaflet can work brilliantly for your business. Here are 5 great techniques for effective leaflet advertising:

1. Less is more

A common piece of advice for most promotional items in the marketing mix. Each section or page of a leaflet should have a clear message that you are conveying to your target audience. If your leaflet is picked up, you want to encourage the reader to read it, not to put them off by having block text that they won’t want to read. Keep to one main message per section, with punchy sentences and bullet points that provide information in bite-size chunks. We would encourage you to use high-quality imagery throughout your leaflet, as this is a great way to draw in attention and to make sure you use less text.

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2. Gain interest with a strong title

With leaflets, your aim is to have someone read through the entirety of the leaflet, instead of taking a quick glance and thinking it is not for them. A great way to maximise the interest taken in your work is to have an enticing title. Your title should summarise the main message for your leaflet, but should also leave the reader intrigued and wanting to know more information. You can achieve this by focusing on something that will matter to the reader or you could ask a question that they will want to know the answer to. Additionally, include branding, such as your logo and business name, at the top of the leaflet to increase your brand awareness. 

3. Know your target audience

By knowing what your customer looks like, you can target the people most likely to want to interact with your business and to know your products and services. This is the time to get very specific over who would care about what you are offering. Once you know this, you can distribute your leaflets to this audience to maximise the effectiveness of your leaflet for generating leads and increasing brand awareness.

4. Create your distribution strategy

It is important to first consider your target audience and the industry you are in. It is a good idea to know the industry ‘norm’, for example, do leaflets typically get sent by direct mail or they delivered in person by a representative of the business? A reason why it is a good idea to know the norm is so that you can be different! Unconventional methods can produce the best results, as you can create a surprise which means your leaflet will be read. Once you have identified possible distribution strategies, and you have brainstormed some more creative methods, try an A/B testing allocation. As what gets measured, gets managed. A/B testing is where you will distribute half of your leaflets via method ‘A’ and then distribute the second half in the other method, ‘B’. Then, the record which method provided the best results, for example, the number of calls and emails received, and then use this method in the future.

5. Have a call to action

As described above, you must have a call to action that is measurable. There is no point in designing the perfect leaflet if you do not know how successful your advertising was. This is another strong way to get creative, as whilst it is hard to know for sure how many people saw your leaflet in total, you can direct them to a landing page, ask them to call you or send an email which can all be measured. Make it very clear at the bottom of the leaflet what you want interested customers to do to maximise the interaction from your effective leaflet.

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